Crawlspace Cleanup


Have you ever ventured into the unknown depths hidden under that mysterious access hatch in the floor of your closet? I’m talking about your crawlspace, the area underneath your home. There is so much to explore down there! Air Ducts, Plumbing Pipes, Insulation, maybe a jar of coins the previous owner forgot about and left down there. Score!
Well, sometimes uninvited guests such as mice or other wildlife seek refuge in this space chewing through your ductwork, leaving their droppings all over the place, and burrowing into your insulation. Other times, during the wet months, water may infiltrate under your foundation and flood out the crawlspace. This can cause mold, rot, and rather nasty odors. Oh, and speaking of odors, if your sewer line breaks or backs-up you’ll definitely want that cleaned up immediately.
Cougar Restoration pledges to boldly go where….well, places you don’t want to go! The first thing we’ll do is protect your home with plastic or ram board and in some cases, we’ll create a whole containment from the crawl opening to the outside, so we don’t cross-contaminate into other areas of your home. The last thing you want is to be breathing in insulation or cleaning up mud or sewage off of your floors. Have you ever had fiberglass insulation fibers in your skin or your eyes? It is not pleasant, and it can be avoided. Cougar will always respect you and your home!

We provide several services for various problems in your crawlspace:


  • Removing materials such as visqueen and/or insulation and possibly hvac ducting
  • Replacing HVAC ducts or dryer vent ducting when necessary
  • Re-installing visqueen or insulation


  • Pump out standing water
  • Install air movers and dehumidifiers for several days until all beams, posts, joists, and subfloor are dry
  • Remove all visqueen
  • Identify if water is from a plumbing leak or ground water, document
  • Dig trenching toward the lowpoint drain or sump pump, lay perforated perimeter pipe/drain tile to help guide water toward the lowpoint drain or sump pump.
  • Coordinate installation of a new sump pump. This will require electrical work if there is no GFCI in the crawlspace. It will also need to be plumbed to the outside.

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