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Roni Martinez
February 17, 2023
Cougar Restoration is awesome! I hired them to inspect the crawl space in my home, assess conditions and mitigate them. The owner is fantastic to work with and the team is equally as amazing. They also cleaned the vents in my home while they were here. They were personable, professional, and thorough in their work. The price was reasonable as well. I highly recommend Cougar Restoration. You will not be disappointed.
Jeff Conklin
February 16, 2023
OH NO! Just days before Christmas we had a pipe break. I was in immediate contact with Brian from Cougar Restoration. His crew was fast to start the drying process and encourage our family that everything was going to be alright. Brian helped me communicate with my insurance company to ensure we had a simple transaction. My pipe was fixed, because of their drying process I didn't' have any mold issues, walls were fixed and repainted. I could not have asked for a better company! Highly Recommend.
Jamie Harrell
February 16, 2023
After discovering a water leak under my house I frantically called cougar restoration for help. It was a Sunday and I had no clue what I was in store for. They responded immediately and had a plumber on site within an hour or two to make the repair. We thought that was it but quickly learned the extent of damage from the leak was much more extensive. Cougar restoration came in the next day and started demo, did all the leg work with my insurance provider, managed all the work and workers that were needed to tear down, repair and restore a large portion of our home. We could not be happier with the service quality, responsiveness and cost of cougar restoration. Would recommend to anyone. In fact, already have.
matty red (TheFlamingScizor95)
December 20, 2022
Five stars are not enough to express my satisfaction with Cougar Restoration. Brian promptly responded to my request for a post-extermination cleanup bid and provided a clearly written, detailed estimate. Likewise, Brian's team arrived promptly to my home and were courteous, respectful, and professional. The original bid I had requested from Brian was based on the [third party] exterminator's description to me of the condition of the attic as being good with minimal cleanup required. However, when I viewed the attic with the Cougar Restoration crew shortly after their arrival, it was clear that the attic's condition was poor and that a major cleanup and sanitation were necessary. Fortunately, Brian is an honorable businessperson and he agreed that his team would fully restore the attic to excellent condition with only a very slight cost increase to me. Despite the amount of unpleasant work required, the team remained enthusiastic, energetic, and eager to complete the job to my satisfaction. In fact, they performed additional work outside the scope of a standard cleanup of this nature and remained on site working until the job was completed in its entirety. Within an hour of the job's completion, Cougar Restoration e-mailed me a copy of my paid invoice as well as multiple clear color photographs of my attic before and after their work. I would highly recommend Cougar Restoration for their honesty, excellent communication, quality work, courtesy, and professionalism.